Capers Simmons - Crescent Sun Studios
Leave Tonight (Or Live and Die This Way)
Faith In Me
Welcome to the website of Capers Simmons, the composer and artist, and of Crescent Sun Studios, his home-brewed music label and production house!

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Crescent Sun Studios has operated in the South Carolina Lowcountry since 2008, founded by Capers Simmons as a one-man information technology and audio production solutions center. Crescent Sun Studios consulted in the design and procurement stages of the construction of the Gullah Geetchee Radio Network and has provided ongoing support to that endeavor.

Crescent Sun Studios has produced several musical tracks that have been licensed to film and television music libraries, including MTV's News and Documentaries division, and been broadcast on VH1. In 2010 Capers was joined by his brother, blogger, vlogger and web-promotion prodigy Ross Danbruen, creator of The Good Hook Christian film review web series. The brothers collaborated on producing a video advertisement for the local eatery Maryland Fried Chicken, a fixture in the historic town of Beaufort, SC. Several other radio advertisements for GGRN and its parent, the Gullah Sentinel Newspaper, followed. Some were produced entirely in-house by Crescent Sun, others were edited and mastered here.

Crescent Sun Studios has also branched into structure and portrait photography and videography to serve a wider variety of clients. Today, Crescent Sun Studios continues to serve the Lowcountry's need for creative technology and media services.

Samples of Crescent Sun's videography can be found here.